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Wounds in Our Soul

Wounds in Our Soul

          The following is a revolutionary revelation to the Body of Christ.  Many have wondered, why have we not seen the miracles, signs, and wonders?  Why have we not received the promises?  Why are we not walking in the fullness of God’s power just like Jesus?  Why haven’t I received my healing?  Why is my deliverance not complete?  Why do I fall back into the same sin over and over no matter how hard I try? 

          The reason is; wounds in our soul!  The fact is; sin causes wounds in our soul that must be healed before we can enter into God’s fullness.  The sin has been forgiven, but the damage it caused has left wounds and must be healed.  The soul consists of your mind, will, and emotions.  The very essence of who you are.  Now after years of sin, just think of the damage done to the mind and emotions of people. 

          Just stop and think of the damage done from years of alcohol, drugs, rebellion, adulterous affairs, prison, homelessness, divorce, near death experience, war, fights, death, and etc. it is evident that these things wound our soul.  Because years later it still affects the way we conduct ourselves after forgiveness.  These soul wounds give the enemy legal right to torment us. 

          These soul wounds if not healed, produce more sin.  Also, with these soul wounds we cannot carry the power of Jesus in its fullness.  We need the Glory light of Jesus to heal our soul wounds.  The light is the healing power of God. (The blood is for the sin)

          The light is for the wound.  The glory light plus the healing of soul wounds is the next level for the people of God.  This is only an introduction to this divine revelation. There will be more to follow.  Let God reveal this to you by these scriptures;

Numbers 21:4-9

Job 24:12-16, 33:27-30

Malachi 4:2-3

James 5:16

3John 2


God Bless

Min. Kenneth Atkinson